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college needs few more weeks.. the studying year starts at 8th september.. visa gets a month to be done.. *sobs*

Anonymous asked: Hi sorry to bother you but I really love your art and I wanted to know what program you use to make it and if you have the download link

Paint Tool Sai and sorry I don’t have a download link (moreover it’s on rus so I don’t think you’d want it)

Track: Preview: Orion Music
Artist: The Orion Visual Novel


Your first look at the music of the Orion Visual Novel, as composed by the brilliant Tav and Nathanael Platier. The album art is the character design of Louca Acacius, the protagonist’s older brother, played by Jonah Scott.

This Friday: another character preview!


What Color Is Your Aura?

The “Aura” is the electromagnetic field which surrounds the human body. Healers and mystics can sense it, see it, and tell you its color. take quiz here to find out! What color is your aura. Or just click the image above.


something all of tumblr should see.

that’s my friend’s team and I must win over at least oNCE

legend tells of an ancient artifact that can grant a woman’s wish…the skull heart.
however, if she is impure of heart, her wish will be corrupted and she will be turned into an immensely powerful, twisted being of destruction…

warm up

sacrificialoath replied to your post: freckledmarcoo said:Hey!! can i p…

I’m pretty sure they mean for the different types of brushes and such that you use for SAI

I can’t share them though because my sai is on russian

however I use a pack that can be downloaded in the net

blur, air-brush, test brush/ink and details

freckledmarcoo asked: Hey!! can i please know what are your pen settings?

Pen settings..?