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Track: Love Story (Stripped)
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Love Story (Single)


"Love Story (Stripped)
Love Story (Single)

This version of the song was only made available for purchase outside of the US (which is why it was missing before), but thanks to the ever so wonderful taylor-swift-acoustic-live, it now has a home on this blog. It has been stated that this is the only version of any of Swift’s songs to have been stripped down to the bare instrumental minimums and officially released.

this is, like, 1/4 of flat and I’m not done with the other 3 yet


eremins talking till morning


Redraw of one of the ‘promotinal' drawings for my old snk comic, Born Free. Miiiiight redraw the old Levi drawing as well. Maybe.

Old drawing.


If someone draws Petra or Eren/Fem!Eren in this, I will literally kiss the ground they walk on okay bye

ouchsaves asked: Yo, your art is hella rad and cute and omfg, i am squeeeling at the cutness of it all and just amazed. Srsly, hella rad and epic.

thaaaank you kind person!

Pencil Test of Veronica Daring for Hullabaloo (x)

finally lineart is doooone heheh