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Anonymous asked: You know what is the best of being on vacation? I can see you in my dash! Seriously, this the first time in 3 month that I saw a post of yours, I can't believe how much I miss your art. Time zones are the worts...

That’s probably because I’m mostly offline on tumblr and working on art for the comission x)

Anonymous asked: Omg I was walking down the road today and a woman went passed me with the same hair as you and I was like "omg" so I started stalking her from behind 98% sure that she is you bc she also had this Russian like accent and she was walking with some black haired girl with a Pokemon hat and then she turned around and I remembered that I'm in Turkey and you're in Russia. OTL

mehehe sorry but I’m staying behind my house’s doors for the whole summer

that’s probably only one time I drew sphintits

Anonymous asked: omg I love you

B-but anon.. I don’t have any features to love me for


and here goes Mikasa!
sorry that I didn’t draw her first time x)

while I’m being nervous for finding out if I got into the college or no I’m struggling with the comission

I think I’m gonna die

Goshhhh I’m almost done with the comission
Need to send the application tho - it took a lot to be done o-l-

shinory-kun asked: Ваши арты просто великолепны*^* Особенно по пейрингу Ерен/Армин У меня к Вам всего два вопроса. 1. На кого вы учитесь/работаете 2. Не могли бы Вы нарисовать хотя бы маленький скетчик пейринга Драко/Гарри?^-^"

Спасибо большое х)

1. Я пока нигде не работаю и не учусь, но собираюсь поступить на мультипликатора и в будущем стать таковым~

2. У меня сейчас большая занятость с заказом поэтому ничего обещать не могу - я редко рисую по реквестам.

sketch for the future speedpaint ahah

warm up ahah