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Track: its exactly what it looks like.
Artist: chenyakumo.tumblr.com



nothing i do for the rest of my life will ever top this

frankly, this is brilliant




*furiously draws genderbent EreMin after seeing everyone giving Mio a hard time*

I am so disappointed with everyone. Stop judging mioko-san's gender bent EreMin art just because only 1 half of it is gender bent. She's not making you feel offended. Hell, she’s not even making you look at her art. If it really offends you, then don’t look at it! They are fictional characters for crying out loud.

Why are you even complaining??? She’s giving us high quality art and all you can focus on is their gender??? An artist draws whatever they want! We’re not even paid to do this. She worked hard on her drawings and all you do is criticize. Unbelievable.

Why don’t you do the drawing instead of complaining and hurting Mio.

FYI, she has drawn the ship where both of them are gender bent. She just has preferences and would rather only draw 1 half gender bent.

I totally support this as well…if something on your dash is not for you, just scroll on by, folks. Personally, I think Mio’s art exudes positivity and affection and I love it. Thank you, Mio. xoxo

Also…can we just take a moment to admire how beautiful she made them into girls??. Not only handsome boys, but also gorgeous girls too. The colors, the lights, the clothes.
Mio worked really hard, and also she had drawn them thousand times in different situations/clothes/eras/genders that you know that Mio’s skills are just amazing.
You go Mio!!

I’m sitting here like

Thank you all so much, guys! ;u;

followthelittlebird asked: I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing your fanart with us!! I really appreciate all the Eremin you recently posted. My friend and I RP Eren/Fem!Armin (we call her Armenia), so I tend to squeal when I see these (and show her ofc) But also, ignore the ranters; personally, we made it male/fem bc of the roles we're comfortable RPing. But like with fanart, in the end, it's about the ship. Not their genders or sexes. Love is love, right? Thanks, love you, night \o/

Goodnight and thank you for letting me know! :3

psa: and we call her Alicia

wow it’s a snow shitstorm outside

I’m sitting here and scrolling through my friend’s and mine enormous amount of rp to pull out the fitting scenes for my dedication post of 4th prompt to her

ghoulzhenn asked: why are you still getting shitty anons omg

there’s more nice asks and anons posted and in inbox but still

Anonymous asked: genderbending-swapping is transphobic and cissexist bye


fuck it. I promised my friend to draw for this prompt and I will. for friend

Anonymous asked: NoooooOooOOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoooooooooo. You're like, my favorite eremin artist (╯︵╰,)

but sadly I can’t draw anything, at least at the moment

moreover if I start drawing again I’ll imply genderbend again and more confused people and meh

maybe I should really focus on my original characters